Stay Classic Seattle (featuring disfan1)

Whilst taking a power stroll with T-Han and Carly B-Real in the greater Green Lake area,  I beheld a most inquisitive sight.  This inquisitive sight led me to some thinking.  This thinking led me to a 20 minute nap.  The small amount of energy gained from that 20 minute nap led me to writing this post.  Writing this post will lead me to another 20 minute nap.  See?  Naps are cyclical.        

At first, the sight appeared to be a jumbled heap of khaki and mystery.  On closer inspection, the tan-accented streak blurring by wasn't a streak at all. It was a human being.  But not just any human being.  It was an older-gentleman-with-a-thick-white-beard-sporting-a-collage-of-taupe-based-clothing-items (jacket, pants, socks, visor beanie, etc.) while-riding-a-Razor-scooter type human being.  His hood was pitched over his head, clinging on for dear life to an extremely large pair of blue blocker sunglasses.  He jerkily pumped his stout legs, rambling by cyclists and people that were walk-dating.  "That's pretty normal," I thought to myself out loud.  But then I looked closer - at the man's feet, and there they were:

Oh baby.  That's right.  Kirkland Signature Court Classic Sneakers.  You can pick up a pair of these comfort rockets at your local Costco Wholesale for about 15-20 bucks.  

You've seen these shoes countless times in countless places on countless people.  This leads to a vital question:  Have you ever seen someone brandishing these "weapons of fast construction" who ISN'T over/around the age of 50?  My GUESS is that you haven't.  My THEORY is that when you approach the age of 50 and have proven yourself worthy of ultimate economical coziness, you'll simply wake to a pair of K. Sig Court C's gently tied around your feet.  They'll just be there.  And there's nothing you can do to not have them.  You'll try to fight them off, but in time you'll grow to admire their seamless comfort and bland Barbara Bush-like looks.  Resistance is futile.  To help prove my point please enjoy disfan1's earth-shattering review of the K. Sig Court C's:         

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