Beavis Shoes

So I was at the gym, doing my normal exercise routine (Mondays are usually neck and right forearm), when a strange and wonderful occurrence graced my presence.  As I performed my last neck push up, I noticed a shadowy figure shift into the room.  It was shrouded in a cloud of heather gray sweat material and grasped an old FILA gym bag closely to its shapeless form with what appeared to be a small bundle of Jimmy Dean sausages (turns out it was just a hand). As it glided to the corner of the gym, it shedded it's cotton exoskeleton, revealing a short, plump man with a mustache that would make a walrus swoon.  I went back to my exercising. As I was looking down during a rather intense single arm military press, the gentleman's feet came into my field of vision.  My eyes widened and my heart skipped two beats.       

Beavis Shoes.  It was Beavis Shoes.  

If you're not privy to this awesome phenomenon, it's ok.  It's pretty rare.  But it DOES happen.   Let's talk about it:

As you all know, Beavis is one half of the comically deranged animated duo Beavis and Butthead (of the MTV fame).  Here's a photo:

Wait, that's a real person.  Ah, here he is:

Anyways, Beavis was animated in a unique way.  Check it out:


Do you see it?  Do you?  Look closer:

SWEET BETTY BOOP AND HELLO KITTY...Beavis Shoes.  Essentially Beavis Shoes happens when an individual decides to wear small, nondescript black Reebok shoes (aka leather socks) combined with a comfortable pair of mid-shin white socks.  Beautiful.        

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